Globally, many places do not have official addresses and those that do often refer to one point on what can be a vast plain or large building. There is significant time, effort and money spent trying to identify the exact right place to deliver goods and services around the world.

What3Words has created a user-friendly, pinpoint accurate, and easily communicated addressing system.

By repurposing GPS location data into the What3Words system organizations across sectors are more efficient and impactful, which can be a life-saving difference.

Multi-Sector Approach
Private Sector

Develop a new address system utilizing GPS for accurate location services. Active use by delivery and taxi services accelerates acceptance of this new system.

Public Sector

Create and invest in the Global Positioning System.

Social Sector

As active users, nonprofits like the Red Cross in The Czech Republic are more efficient and effective.

Breaking Down the Process

See the problems differently

How does one create a next generation address system that can be immediately usable and accurate for the entire globe?

Break Siloes

Who has the resources to solve this problem?

Looking across the sectors, there are resources to bring to bear on this problem. The public sector has created a powerful tool in the creation of GPS and continues to invest in satellite technology that enables GPS coordinates to function world-wide. Government postal agencies, non-profit services, humanitarian organizations, emergency services, and private delivery services all need these addresses.


How can assets be given new life?

What3Words repurposes GPS data, making it easier to use by assigning a unique 3 word identifier to refer to any 3-meter square across the globe. This private company uses public sector-created GPS as the backbone of a consumer-friendly front-end system. Using this existing resource was an easier and more efficient way to build their business. Companies, non-profits and individuals can easily access more precise location services for the efficient delivery of items and services.

Engage Self-interest for sustainable fuel

How do we create sustainable fuel?

It is in the self-interest of the users to be more efficient in giving exact locations. Logistics companies streamline deliveries, aid organizations deliver to the right place in challenging locations such as sub-Saharan Africa and public safety can respond most efficiently. Even the government of Mongolia is using What3Words rather than expending dollars to build out a proprietary address system for the country. All this drives usership up and increases the utility of the product for all, ultimately making What3Words a sustainable business model.


What business model changes create the win?

Increasingly, organizations such as the Canadian emergency services in British Columbia are changing their operating model to incorporate What3Words to more easily locate callers in remote areas.


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