About Us

Our Story

The pace of progress on major societal issues can be frustratingly slow, often because of the siloed nature of companies, governments, and nonprofits. In addition, there is a multi-trillion dollar funding gap that neither taxes nor philanthropy can fill on their own.

From our own experiences working in multiple sectors, we have seen first-hand that better financial and societal results can be achieved by synergistic models across sectors. NewView’s founders began this work as the WinWin Collective Inc. developing tri-sector ideology. NewView was created to operationalize this thinking for the benefit of companies, nonprofits and government, and ultimately, our society as a whole.

To date, NewView has worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as small innovative organizations to address issues ranging from water insecurity and mental health to workforce development.

At NewView, we are driven to change the way the world finds opportunities and solves problems.

We are dreamers and innovators, but above all, we are go-getters that believe in the power of getting stuff done. We are inspired to bring a new mindset and approach to tackle challenges, big and small.


We Believe

  • Tremendous assets exist under-leveraged in all three sectors that can be unlocked for new value when seen from a new perspective
  • Harnessing the self-interests of all three sectors is essential to drive sustainable solutions at scale to complex problems
  • Tri-sector innovators exist across all organizations and sectors
  • There are pragmatic solutions to real life problems we can discover and develop by thinking more broadly
  • That private sector value creation and good for society are not mutually exclusive
  • Tri-sector business models can generate massive innovation and unleash global resources
  • There is significant capital looking for businesses engaged in profit and purpose, but the creation of stronger business models that do so need to be developed
  • It is through the combined, collective efforts of people, companies, non-profits and governments that we can create a better world