Project Last Mile


Pubic Health Ministries in several African countries, including Liberia, Ghana, Mozambique, and Swaziland, were struggling to deliver medicine in hard to reach areas.

Medical supplies are more easily delivered to those that need it, increasing health outcomes in remote regions by leveraging private sector logistics expertise and networks. In Liberia, this resulted in a 30% increase in medicine availability.

Multi-Sector Approach
Private Sector

Provide the logistics network to other sectors for healthcare delivery while improving customer relationships.

Public Sector

Improve delivery of care to remote regions.

Social Sector

Coordinate aid and the partnerships between all sectors, increasing their effectiveness.

Breaking Down the Process

See the problems differently

Even with the logistics and delivery challenges of these remote areas, it is possible to find a Coca-Cola product in every village. How can we leverage the solutions that already exist in consumer products to solve this operations and supply chain challenge?

Break Siloes

Who has the resources to solve this problem?

The expertise and capabilities needed to solve this challenge are not in the public sector, they are in the private sector. Breaking down the siloes of government, nonprofit aid organizations and the private sector allows the right resources to be deployed against the problem. Coca-Cola had the operational and logistics knowledge to deliver products all across remote areas.


How can assets be given new life?

Working with The Gates Foundation, Coca Cola Africa Foundation, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Ltd and the governments’ ministries of health, resources like the expertise and logistics network were repurposed to increase the availability of medicine and medical supplies.

Engage Self-interest

How do we create sustainable fuel?

Each party brought their own expertise and resources to the partnership and in turn, benefited from the project.

  • Coca-Cola was able to use their expertise and gain the goodwill and relationships of USAID, Gates and the local government.
  • The government became more effective at serving the health needs of its population.
  • The foundations involved were able to create tangible health improvements through the effort, creating sustainable interest in future projects of the same nature.


What business model changes create the win?

By realigning their organizations to work across sectors in their own self-interest they are able to improve their customers’ lives.


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